Strengthening of openings

Усиление проёмов в стенах углеволокном   Currently, there is a growing trend related to the diversification of spaces and replanning. The idea of transforming spaces is gaining momentum. This is mainly expressed in the desire to expand or merge living quarters. Dismantling partitions is not difficult, so the key, and the most difficult, aspect of this is the interaction with the structural scheme of the building, specifically, cutting openings in load-bearing walls. The implementation of such actions can cause a decrease in the load-bearing capacity of the structure and even lead to its destruction.

  Modern technologies, namely the FibArm system of external reinforcement, assist in solving such a difficult problem. The use of composite carbon materials will help to find a solution to even the most complex and unusual situations. 

   Through-holes meant for use as openings can be different in form and purpose, such as those for the doors, windows, panels, etc.

   Scope of application

   Openings are used in the construction of industrial, cultural, welfare, public and residential facilities. Opening strengthening is performed on concrete and brick walls to prevent failures in load-bearing structures experiencing seismic and static loads.

  • Carbon fiber can be used to reinforce door openings in brick and concrete walls.
  • To strengthen openings in floor slabs cut for stairways and vertical circulation systems.
  • To strengthen door openings to increase seismic shock resistance and load-bearing capacity.
  • To strengthen crosspieces during times of increased loads on that particular wall section.
  • To strengthen openings and holes in concrete flooring slabs that have appeared as a result of damage to the protective concrete layer and rebar corrosion.
  • To eliminate design flaws at the construction stage by compensating for reinforcement bar deficiencies.

   Strengthening method:

  • Longitudinal strips in the upper area of the opening bear the tension load and act as crosspiece reinforcement.
  • Vertical U-shaped stirrups are installed in the crosspiece support area to take transvers forces and act as an additional anchor for the longitudinal strips.
  • Vertical and horizontal contour elements are required for additional rigidity in the horizontal direction.
  • Horizontal U-shaped stirrups also anchor the longitudinal strips and create additional rigidity by means of three-sided compression of the wall edges.
  • For instances of increased seismic shock resistance demands, diagonal elements are also applied in the crosspiece area to prevent cracks in the opening corners.

   We perform strengthening for door and window openings in walls:

  • load-bearing
  • monolithic
  • concrete, reinforced concrete
  • panel
  • brick