Strengthening ribbed slabs

   Ribbed slab is a unique structural element made of high-grade, heavy or lightweight concrete with longitudinal and transverse reinforcing elements with the purpose of creating a covering. Thanks to this element, the load-bearing surface of a roof can withstand relatively heavy snow loads. Moreover, slab coverings are indispensable protection against external factors. The main load is redistributed onto the roof or the structure's load-bearing elements that are designed for operational loads.

Усиление плит перекрытия углеволокном - усиление железобетонных плит

   Areas of use:

   Ribbed slabs are used as a covering in all area of activity: social, cultural, industrial and household. These structural elements have a relatively small load-bearing capacity when subjected to static and seismic loads across the standard section.

   Strengthening method:

   1. Composite material FibArm Tape is applied horizontally on the lower rib plane of monolithic flooring slabs over the full length and width (can be bent onto a lateral face). The number of layers is calculated based on the calculations of the load-bearing capacity.

   2. U-shaped stirrups made from FibArm Tape (unidirectional composite) material are applied to the load-bearing area of the monolithic slab withstand the effects of shear forces.

   3. It is possible to adhere the same tape onto the transverse edges of the monolithic slab, as well as install stirrups to fix along the edge of the vertical ribs

усиление пустотных плит перекрытия