Reinforcement of reinforced concrete, monolithic and brick columns

Усиление монолитных железобетонных колонн углеволокном   A Column is a vertical building construction (monolithic, reinforced concrete, and brick), the main purpose of which is support via rational load redistribution of the transverse elements of the structure (beams, joists, girders), the column’s own weight, and imposed loads (permanent and temporary) onto the foundation. Columns are rod-shaped compression elements and are designed, to a greater extent, to bear vertical loads.

Areas of use:

   In industrial, recreational and public buildings. The stability of the building’s entire structure depends on the condition of its columns and their ability to manage the load demand.

Strengthening method:

   Horizontal casings of continuous or intermittent heights from FibArm Tape composite material of are installed on columns around the perimeter of the cross-section overlap. This structural solution enhances the strength and load-bearing capacity, creating a three-dimensional stress state in the concrete.

   Casings made from FibArm Tape composite material around the entire perimeter can be applied in multiple layers without losing effectiveness.

   To reinforce the flexion moment, FibArm Tape composite materials are placed on the columns along the plane of movement.