Strengthening Trusses

A truss is frame-type structure consisting of a series of interconnecting elements (rods). Designed as a frame for the future structure. The rods at the top are called the top chord, the lower ones are called the bottom chord. The vertically positioned pieces of the truss are vertical webs. Diagonal elements at a certain angle are lateral braces. It is these diagonal and vertical elements that form the lattice of the structure. The points on a truss where diagonal blocks and vertical webs meet are nodes of reinforced concrete beams.

Усиление железобетонных ферм углеволокном из композитного материала FibARM Tape

Areas of use:

In industrial, cultural-social and public buildings with reinforced concrete trusses with insufficient bearing capacity under active and shear forces in seismic and static loads.

Strengthening method:

1. Single-piece strips of FibArm Tape composite material are applied horizontally along the entire length along the lower plane of the weakened structure, which is subject to bending and stretching loads. The number of layers is determined based on the calculations of the load-bearing capacity and a delamination check.

2. U-shaped stirrups made of composite material FibArm Tape are applied in the support zones of the truss in order to accept the transverse force.
усиление железобетонных ферм