While reinforced concrete structures are in operation, sooner or later comes the need to repair and restore the frame elements.

The major problems of wear to reinforced concrete structures:

  • Longitudinal and transverse cracks
  • Weakening of the concrete
  • Destruction of the concrete’s protective layer
  • Reinforcement bar corrosion

As a consequence, the load-bearing capacity of the structure is reduced.

The solution to these issues:

  • Remove the weakened structural elements
  • Injection fill the cracks (0.3 to 5 mm width)
  • Pointing of the cracks (up to 0.3 mm in width)
  • Anticorrosion treatment on reinforcement bars

Followed by:

  • Surface priming
  • Caulking cracks and holes from packers
  • Restoration of the concrete’s protective layer


As a result, we eliminate further structural damage, the progression of reinforcement bar corrosion, and crack expansion.