Strengthening Design. Third-party Project Supervision

Strengthening of load-bearing structures carbon composite materials

   Designing a structure’s reinforcement is a key stage that directly precedes repair and strengthening. After all, it is at this stage that important decisions are made, such as the choice of a framing scheme and the optimal material to resolve issues.

   The technology of external carbon fiber reinforcement is very versatile and has many advantages, in terms of both design and direct production. The FibArm strengthening system allows us to solve a whole range of problems related to the lack of load-bearing capacity in the structure, wear, excessive bending, and damage. Due to its advantages, carbon tape as a structural material is effectively used for all manner of problems, solving them fully and rationally both from a constructive, aesthetic and economic point of view.

   Our specialists in the design department of the "Compozit" company have the necessary knowledge and experience in calculating and developing projects for strengthening structures with carbon composite materials (carbon fiber, lamels). This allows us to quickly find effective design solutions, even for very complex tasks.