Building and Structure Inspection

   Assessment of a structure’s condition to estimate the possibility of strengthening, reconstruction, complete overhaul, and future safe operation.

   Structural inspection is an essential procedure that will provide necessary data, identify all weaknesses, and analyze options for further action.

   Possessing all baseline data is essential when choosing the most effective plan for strengthening. It is for this purpose that a visual and instrumental technical inspection is performed, which makes it possible to determine:

  • the degree of wear to the building structures
  • the actual grade of concrete
  • the degree of corrosion of the reinforcement bars
  • the strain, sag, and displacement of structural elements
  • all necessary geometric characteristics

   Based on the data obtained, we compile defect lists, carry out verification calculations, and formulate conclusions about the strength reserves or deficits of the structure.

   The next stage is the development of design documentation that takes into account all the data obtained and corrects the discovered deficits in reinforcement, strength or load-bearing capacity. Ensuring an increase in the time between overhaul periods and further safe operation of the building or structure.